The climate emergency negatively impacts our physical health and mental wellbeing, and it can be difficult to prepare for, cope, and overcome these unprecedented challenges.  

As such, it is vital that we recognize and prioritize our health and wellbeing during this climate crisis because if we want to protect the planet, we must also take care of ourselves and each other.  


STEM and Climate Wellbeing Toolkit

Resources for students and educators that raise awareness of climate distress, particularly in STEM learning and empower a problem-solving mindset.

Climate Mental Health Educational Toolkit and Video

A toolkit designed for educators to empower students in exploring questions around “eco-anxiety, ecological paralysis and ecological grief.” Created by Natania Abebe.

Programs and Interventions to Address Climate Grief

An education toolkit that can be used individually or as a group, and provides numerous activities to help address and cope with climate grief. Created by UBC Sustainability Scholar Judy Wu.


Exploring Climate Change, Mental Health, and Wellbeing

A UBC Climate Hub wellbeing series that supports you in the initial unpacking and reflecting on your feelings of climate anger, grief, trauma, and more.  

Climate Anxiety

A UBC Climate Hub wellbeing series that examines climate anxiety, how it impacts our wellbeing, and builds understanding that we can move past the doom and gloom perspective of the climate emergency.  

Climate Doom to Messy Hope

A UBC Climate Hub wellbeing series that provides an accessible, easy-to-engage touchpoint for people looking to connect with climate wellbeing information, strategies and pathways to action in their own lives, networks or communities. 

Campus Supports

UBC Wellbeing

Find events, toolkits, and support staff who support health, wellbeing, and sustainability of UBC’s communities.

Student Health Services

As students, you can visit a health professional by phone, video, or in person.