Vote, Organize, and Advocate

Join or organize collective action with your community to raise awareness and advocate for urgent and just solutions.

 Advocate for more climate research and justice content in your UBC courses with the Student Academic Climate Advocacy Toolkit by UBC Climate Hub.

Letter template to Call on UBC to Fund the Climate Emergency Recommendations. Put pressure on UBC to prioritize climate emergency funding by sending your own letter to the UBC Board of Governors and Administration. 

Tell Vancouver City Council to Sue Big Oil and keep it in their budget! Write an email and call City Council to not let Big Oil corporations off the hook.

Here are some other ideas and tools to organize for climate action

  • Use your voice and your vote to support credible climate action at UBC and at the municipal, provincial and federal level, and leaders and representatives who endorse it.
  • Create climate art and share it with your friends, family, community, social media, and more. Explore the Environmental Advocacy Toolkit to learn how to advocate using climate art.
  • Introduction to Community Organizing Toolkit
  • Petition your city to switch to clean, renewable energy and to also provide initiatives (e.g., subsidies and grant programs) that incentivize residential and commercial energy efficiency and reduction in carbon emissions  
  • Advocate for more accessible public transportation and sustainable mobility options in your neighbourhood 
  • Urge your local government, school, organization, and other institutions to declare a climate emergency 
  • Follow local climate justice social media accounts, or sign up for a newsletter to keep up with current events 
  • Attend rallies and marches when accessible, sign petitions, and contact government officials 
  • Connect with the neighbourhood house in your area and their initiatives on climate action 
  • Join a local organizing group to find climate community and take action
    • Be the Change Earth Alliance list 
    • Sustainabiliteens recommendations list 
  • Explore and join community action at CityHive and BCCIC