Foster a culture of engagement and advocacy on climate action

Developing a culture of inclusion and empowerment will help mobilize community members to advance the principles of the climate emergency declaration and build solidarity around a shared vision, both on UBC’s campuses and beyond.

To succeed in fostering this culture, UBC’s community members must be equipped with the tools, resources and support needed to flourish. While engagement must be wide-reaching, it must also come with the recognition that particular emphasis, time and resources must be allocated to engaging systemically marginalized communities, with commitments to uphold space for difficult conversations, investing in rebuilding relationships that are already damaged, and creating spaces for the University to receive critical feedback.



Support for this strategic priority focuses on creating a culture that empowers climate justice action by students, staff and faculty, and encourages advocacy efforts as foundational to a just climate emergency response.

UBC Engagement at COP26: Following an open competition for all students, faculty, and staff, UBC sent a delegation of eight to the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow. Nov 2021. Learn more.

Submission to the BC Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy: The UBC Sustainability Initiative prepared an institutional response to the Province’s call for community engagement on BC’s capacity to anticipate and respond to increasing wildfires, flooding, longer summer droughts, heatwaves, longer growing seasons, ecosystem shifts and sea level rise. Aug 2021. Learn more.

Academic Briefing on City of Vancouver Climate Emergency Action Plan: UBC community members participated in a City of Vancouver briefing to provide feedback on three climate emergency strategies going to City Council for approval. Oct 2021. Learn more.
Climate Justice Webinar Series: A pilot free education webinar series from the UBC Sustainability Initiative launched to increase encourage public debate on climate justice issues. Second season begins in late fall 2021. Learn more.

Climate Solutions Showcase: The theme of this UBC Climate Hub showcase was “Climate Justice, Race & Intersectionality.” The aim was to increase student awareness of interconnections between climate and social justice issues. Apr 2021. Learn more.

Student Academic Advocacy Toolkit: Resources and workshops developed by the UBC Climate Hub to support every undergraduate student to understand and engage with climate change and climate justice, no matter their degree program. Apr 2021. Learn more.

President Ono’s advocacy for engagement in federal elections: UBC President and Vice-Chancellor Santa J. Ono encouraged voting via a broadcast statement, video message, and engagement with Elections Canada over the decision to cancel the Vote on Campus program for this election. Aug 2021. Learn more.

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