Climate Emergency Fund

The Climate Emergency Fund (CEF) is for UBC Vancouver faculty and staff-led programs that mobilize and cultivate learning, research, and community engagement efforts in climate action by students. 

The CEF is a one-time, $1.5 million fund comprised of incremental tuition fees that was awarded to successful UBC applicants in 2021.  


The Climate Emergency Fund advances one or more of the following three priorities in the CETF report

Foster a culture of engagement and advoacy on climate action

Support community wellbeing in the face of the climate crisis

Expand climate education opportunities and resources for the UBC community and broader public

How it came to be

The CEF emerged through advocacy from the student-led UBC Climate Hub and close collaboration with elected AMS and GSS student leaders. Proposals were accepted over winter 2020-21, and in late spring 2021, a twelve-member Committee met to analyze the seven proposals that were received. All seven proposals demonstrated excellent student leadership and were successfully awarded full or partial funding.  


All recipients submitted a final report to the UBC Sustainability Hub detailing how the funds were spent, project successes and challenges, and an evaluation of impact in 2023.  

Award Recipients

Climate Hub 2.0


Increased climate-related community building, advocacy, and justice

Transdisciplinary Collaborative PhD Pilot for Climate Emergency


Pilot a collaborative PhD cohort on the climate emergency

Centre for Community Engaged Learning


A Social Impact Lab: Activating student change agents on the climate emergency

UBC Sustainability Hub


Accelerating and amplifying UBC Sustainability Hub’s climate action programs

Campus and Community Planning


SEEDS applied research and engagement and outreach programs; Accelerating UBC’s climate emergency response: Student-led interdisciplinary applied research, engagement and knowledge mobilization

Public Scholars Initiative


Climate emergency scholars group

Climate Justice UBC


Funding to support coordination of activities

The Climate Emergency Fund created valuable opportunities for the 7 student-led and -focused units and organizations with 62 projects to broaden and deepen climate action efforts across metro Vancouver, BC, and beyond.

The Climate Emergency Fund also supported students, faculty, and staff at UBC to expand research and engagement on climate action across a broad range of disciplines. 7 faculties were backed by Climate Education Grants,and 140 student hires in total received support.

Where are they now?

Sustainability Ambassadors Program

Climate Justice UBC

UBC Climate Hub

Climate Action Mobilizers

Public Scholars Initiative

Transdisciplinary Collaborative PhD Pilot for Climate Emergency

Committee Members


Linda Nowlan, Senior Director, UBC Sustainability Hub 

Georgia Yee, UBC Student Governor and Former AMS Vice President of Academic 


Nafeesa Alibhai, Student Director, UBC Climate Hub 

Jess Dempsey, Associate Professor, Geography 

Matt Dolf, UBC Wellbeing Director, Office of the Vice-President, Students 

Amanda Giang, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering 

Kimani Karangu, GSS President 

Jason Pang, AMS, AVP Sustainability 

Britt Runeckles, Climate Justice UBC 

Aviva Savelson, Senior Manager, Public Engagement, Campus and Community Planning 

Balsher Singh Sidhu, IRES Graduate Student 

Serbulent Turan, Public Scholarship Coordinator, Graduate Programs