Tune-in to climate-related conversations throughout the day, whether at home or out and about, with podcasts presented by diverse hosts and guests.


Indigenous Climate Action Pod

Part of Amplifying Voices led by Indigenous Climate Action, episodes build on the Indigenous rights movement and create a space for connection between Indigenous Peoples.

Y Talk Climate

An expert podcast series on mobilizing youth for climate action by BCCIC Climate Change, the BC Council for International Cooperation’s youth-led climate change initiative.

Mothers of Invention

Stories about the role of women around the world fostering change to environmental policies within their communities, as well as how these women navigate resistance.

Climate Change in the Multiverse

At the intersection of activism, esoterics, and systems change, conversations about our evolving world. 

Climate Conversations

A weekly climate change podcast from two MIT alumni and MIT Open Learning, as a part of their ClimateX project, an online platform that facilitates climate change learning, connection, and action.


Hosts Simone and Sitashma share perspectives, experiences, and stories from the Global South about the climate crisis.

Emergence Magazine Podcast

Centering Indigenous perspectives through interviews by Emergence Magazine‘s editor-in-chief and essays read by activists, authors, philosophers, and scientists. 

Islands on Alert

Stories about the realities of climate change from an islander perspective, including work being done by island communities as they lead the global charge in addressing the climate emergency.

How to Save a Planet

Journalist Alex Blumberg and scientist and policy nerd Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson look into what we need to do to solve the climate crisis and how we get it done.

Hot and Bothered

Dissent Magazine explores topics including climate migration, just transition, and racial justice in what’s billed as ‘a climate politics podcast for the 99%’.


E25: Reclaiming our heritage one bite at a time

Chef, educator, and TV host David Wolfman (Xaxli’p First Nation), talks about his new cookbook, the history of his family, and the Indigenous food movement in Canada.

Part I: All of US or None of US

Activists share their experiences and insights on environmentalism within the Black population in Vancouver.

S2 E6: Seeds, Grief, and Memory with Rowen White

Farmer, seedkeeper, and Indigenous seed and food sovereignty activist, Rowen White shares how seeds operate as gateways to our lineage and how our current disconnection manifests as grief.